Being a Humboldt County Tour Guide this Labor Day – I Always Discover Something New!

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My brother in-law and his wife came to visit my husband and I this past Labor Day weekend and it was such a pleasure to take them around and show them some of the highlights of Humboldt County.  I can’t tell you how many times I have done this for out of town friends and family.  And I have so much fun revisiting some of the same spots that make Humboldt County so special.  Sometimes I discover something new on my tour guiding adventures.

On Saturday, we started off by visiting the Farmer’s Market on the Arcata Plaza. Both Nate and Ramona were impressed with the high quality local produce we had to offer (all organic too!).  Since we’re knee deep into the harvesting season there are some great vegetable and fruit choices out there.  We bought several heirloom tomatoes, okra, carrots and lemon cucumbers.  Plus there were some fabulous peaches and apples for sale too.

Later in the day we drove up to Trinidad to hike around Trinidad head.  It was clear out.  Not a cloud in the sky, but a bit windy.  Nate and Ramona were amazed at how beautiful Trinidad cove looks in the sunshine, with all the fishing boats docked nearby each other.

It was fun walking around and giving them information about the history of the area and the traveling highlights.  Plus we picked up some great clam chowder at the Seascape (a restaurant in Trinidad near the pier).  Nate got a kick out of trying different clam chowders from a couple of restaurants.  I think the Seascape was the clear winner.

Sunday – We headed north towards Orick to walk through the Ancient Redwood forests in Redwood National Park. Talk about discovering something new…Dave and I got to hike through some Redwood Groves and trails we had never hiked through before.  I don’t care what anybody says, but each trail and tree is different.

Ramona had never seen such big Redwood trees before so she was awe struck every step of way.  We put in a good hike too.  3 1/2 mile hike up and down some rugged terrain.  I wish I lived closer to the parks.  I’d take exercising in the Redwood forest over the gym any day.

Finally one more stop…to see Fern Canyon on our way home.  By the way, parts of Jurassic Park were filmed here.  This is a major destination for tourists, especially on Labor Day weekend.  It was jammed packed.  And believe me once you hike through here you’ll know what makes this place a major destination stop. You are walking on a creek bed through a canyon.  The walls are very tall and filled with 5-fingered ferns or what some folks call “lady finger” ferns.  They’re incredibly beautiful and you truly feel like you are walking through an enchanted forest.

Monday – Our final day with our out of town guests.  We took them on a road trip which started in “The Victorian Village of Ferndale” (known for…you guessed right…it’s high concentration of amazingly well kept Victorians).  After driving through town, we got onto the Mattole Road which took us out to a very remote and untouched part of Coastal California called “The Lost Coast.” We were lucky to have another incredible clear sun shiny day, because the views of the ocean and the coastline were stunning.

We had a picnic lunch at the Mattole Beach, which is part of The King’s Range (managed by the Bureau of Land Management – BLM) and then headed back inland towards Humboldt Redwoods State Park to see some more incredible ancient Redwood trees, which in my opinion, are way more magnificant than the ones we saw at Redwood National Park.

For those of you outdoorsy fanatics this is one amazing place to live.

Copyright 2008 Jessica Bigger.  All Rights Reserved. *Being a Humboldt County Tour Guide this Labor Day Weekend – I Always Discover Something New!*


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